DragWorld Looks: My Personal Favourites

The DragWorld weekend finished a few days ago, and I don't know about any of you, but I'm still living in the memories created by being surrounded by incredible LGBT+ talent. An article floated around on Monday that listed some of the best looks featured at the convention- but unfortunately, only featured Ru Girls. When... Continue Reading →

DragWorld is nearly upon us, and if you have kept up with their twitter and info, you’ve probably seen them posting about the various local talent (mostly London) that will be featured there. The Catwalk Stage is the stage that will be hosting the local talent- and it is definitely not to be missed. All... Continue Reading →

When I created Drag Up Your Life, I knew that I wanted to create a space for all types of drag to be promoted and celebrated, The Boulet Brother's 'Dragula' is something that does a fantastic job of this- giving a platform to those drag artists who use drag as an art form for their... Continue Reading →

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