It’s pretty clear at this point that I am someone who is a frequent goer to London drag shows. London is a mere 22 minutes away by train, and as there are trains back home until half 1 it’s pretty ideal. However, I do want to attend more shows that aren’t in London - so... Continue Reading →

Since my last post on this blog, I've entered my third year at university and organised my own drag event there, too. But I am trying my best to continue to keep this blog updated as much as possible and, with help from my lovely editor Cordelia, I believe it should be possible- the updates... Continue Reading →

As stated in my first London Drag post which you can read here, it is no secret that London a vast amount of incredible drag talent that it would be impossible to just limit it to one post (and honestly, two posts probably isn't enough either)- but here is part two of just some of the... Continue Reading →

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