Local Drag: Birmingham

Here is the second of my local drag posts with some wonderful talent from Birmingham! Special shoutout to Fern (follow them!) for helping me out with this and helping me find some new performers myself. ✩ Drag Punk ✩  Drag Punk are an alternative drag collective made up of Amber Cadaverous, Lilith, Paul Aleksandr and Tacky. The... Continue Reading →

Featured post

 If you were to recommend one piece of media pertaining to LGBT+ History or even just the lives of LGBT+ people in general to someone who knows nothing about it and may even have little interest in it, what would it be? For most, the obvious answer is Jennie Livingston’s 1990 film Paris is Burning,... Continue Reading →

Note: I wrote this about a week ago as a way to vent out my frustrations. It's unedited and I have barely proof read it which I may regret, but I want the initial message of frustration that I felt to be out then and unignored- this was written after I hosted a drag night... Continue Reading →

This one was written with the help of my wonderful helper Annie, who you can follow here and it is long, long overdue. Brighton has some incredible drag artists (some of which you may have seen at DragWorld UK)  and here are only a mere few of them. 1.  Alfie Ordinary Alfie is a fabulous... Continue Reading →

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