This one was written with the help of my wonderful helper Annie, who you can follow here and it is long, long overdue. Brighton has some incredible drag artists (some of which you may have seen at DragWorld UK)  and here are only a mere few of them.

1.  Alfie Ordinary

brighton drag 1
photo from Alright Darling Zine

Alfie is a fabulous drag prince who is known for both his live vocal talents and his iconic ballads with an array of puppets. He hosts the bottomless brunch at the North Laine Brewhouse in Brighton every Saturday afternoon, performs in venues around England and beyond, as well as being part of the team of Eat, Sleep, Drag, Repeat who often host RuGirls in various cities across the UK. He also took part in Toyota’s Aygo advertising campaign ‘Go Your Own Way’ alongside Stella Meltdown, Liquorice Black, and Le Fil.  

He performs at: Bar Revenge Brighton, Rialto Theatre Brighton, North Laine Brewhouse, SWX Bristol.

2. Alpha Bites

brighton drag 2

A true artist when it comes to lipsyncing, Alpha performs across the country, as well as in London and Brighton. Alpha is also the producer of ‘Female Trouble’, an all femme drag queen night in Brighton.

She performs at: Komedia Brighton, Rialto Theatre, Marlborough Pub and Theatre.

3. Arran Shurvinton

brighton drag 3

Known for his beautiful rendition of the character of Nosferatu and winning the 2018 Brighton Drag Pageant, Arran performs his Noss act across the country in places like Leeds, London, Portsmouth, and  of course Brighton.

He performs at: The Wet Spot Leeds, Kings Theatre Portsmouth (20th October), Brighton Spiegletent, St Pauls Worthing (9th November).

4. Hans Euff

brighton drag 4

A Brighton based drag king and producer, Hans captivates audiences with his performances and humour. You might have caught him at DragWorld back in August of this year, where he attended and performed a Kate Bush number with a dunce’s cap on his head.

He performs at: Komedia Brighton, Caroline of Brunswick Brighton, Royal Vauxhall Tavern London

5. Joe Black

brighton drag 5

With the perfect match of evil and charisma, Joe performs live vocals and humour across the UK and Europe, with his latest tour being his show a ‘Touch of Evil’, a celebration of villainy in song. If there’s something from your childhood that you love, Joe Black has probably ruined it in song form. Case in point: You Are My Sunshine. Nothing is more terrifying than Joe’s rendition of that sweet lullaby.

He performs at: Kings Theatre Portsmouth (20th October), Rialto Theatre Brighton, The Wet Spot Leeds, St Pauls Worthing (9th November),

6. Lydia L’Scabies

brighton drag 6

Often described as a Parasitic Queen Flee, Lydia performs unique and emotive lipsyncs across the country (all of which truly are works of art). She is 1/2 of Cinebra with Rococo Chanel and plays the characters: Glenda Swing (a 1950’s Hollywood film star), and Sophie Chiswell (a 17 year old film nerd).

She performs at: Bar Revenge Brighton, Rialto Theatre Brighton, Infinity Bar Brighton (every Thursday), Kings Theatre Portsmouth (20th October).

7. Prudence Rae

brighton drag 7
by @luketubbsphotographer

A singer songwriter, Prudence performs a variety of covers and also her own songs (which are always beautiful and so well written) to audiences around Brighton.

She performs at: Bar Revenge Brighton, Rialto Theatre Brighton.

8. Rococo Chanel

brighton drag 8
Rococo dressed as the Laughing Cow

A prodigy when it comes to playing musical instruments; Rococo can captivate an audience through her musical talents and humour with her characters of: Rococo, Rita Herringbone (a 1950’s Hollywood film star), Megan Taylor (a 17 year old film nerd), and Friederich Hollandaise (a lover of oranges who is in desperate search of her sister). Rococo as Friederich also assisted Joe Black on his Villains tour across the country.

She performs at: Rialto Theatre Brighton, Bar Revenge Brighton, Kings Theatre Portsmouth, St Pauls Worthing (9th November).

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