Since my last post on this blog, I’ve entered my third year at university and organised my own drag event there, too. But I am trying my best to continue to keep this blog updated as much as possible and, with help from my lovely editor Cordelia, I believe it should be possible- the updates just may be less regular. However, the Instagram still remains fairly active, so if you want to give us a follow, you can find us here.

I thought I’d come back to the blog with sharing some upcoming drag events that look set to be incredible, beginning with some Halloween events as, it would truly be a crime to miss out on a drag event over Halloween season.

Drag Me to Hell (Birmingham)

Drag Me To Hell Instagram

Drag! Me to Hell is DragPunk’s Halloween show featuring, other than DragPunk themselves, Tanja Mckenzie, Eva Serration, Cosmic Crum and special guest Ruby Wednesday. The night is hosted by DragPunk’s very own Lilith and takes place at the Nightingale- and the most exciting part of this is that it’s 16+, so you do not have to be over 18 to attend. It takes place on the 12th of October, and is definitely not an event to be missed if you can get to Birmingham- tickets can be accessed here.

Horror Haus (London)

horror haus

Can we discuss this incredible lineup for a hot sec? Headline by Dragula’s Abhora, Horror Haus’s Halloween event also has incredible performers such as Virgin Xtravaganzah, Sum Ting Wong, Lydia L’Scabies, Mynxie Monroe and features tunes by Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters. This spook-tacular evening takes place at The Grand on the 26th of October and tickets can be found here. This one is a little more pricey than the other events listed here, but I have no doubt it’ll be worth the money.

HOGP: Unearthed (Brighton)


House of Grand Parade’s ‘Unearthed’ (of which you can watch the promo video for here), features the incredible talents of Rococo Chanel and Lydia L’Scabies, as well as resident London queen Meth, Dixie Dread, Baby, Prudence Rae and DJ sets  from Kat Atomic and Alfie Ordinary. It takes place on October 27th at Rialto Theatre, and tickets can be accessed here. Just from looking at the promotion video, I can tell this is going to be an incredible night and give you the Halloween drag fix we all crave.


So, moving on from Halloween events (although I have no doubt more will be announced as Halloween/October is prime drag time) there are some other wonderful events that are also coming up later in the year.

Queer Lates (London)

queer late

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this show- I have yet to buy tickets, but I definitely will. The night features pre-show entertainment from Dolly Trolley and Kate Butch, the night is hosted by the phenomenal Rhys’s Pieces, and features entertainment from Chiyo, Benjamin Butch, Rubyyy Jones, Freida Slaves and drag collective Gals Aloud. This unmissable event occurs on the 8th of November at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, and tickets can be purchased here

Gals Aloud (London & Manchester)

gals aloud

Gals Aloud have not one, not two, but THREE upcoming dates which means that missing all three would honestly be a crime. A drag collective made up of Margo Marshall, Cheryl Hole, Ophelia Love, Kitty Scott Claus and HERRThe first takes place in Manchester at Cruz 101 on the 16th of November, which has options for both seating and standing tickets that can be purchased here. The second and third take place in Leicester Square and tickets for those can be purchased here.

These are only very few of the incredible events coming up-if you want information on more, make sure to follow our Instagram or just look up your local venues to find out what’s on!

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