As stated in my first London Drag post which you can read here, it is no secret that London a vast amount of incredible drag talent that it would be impossible to just limit it to one post (and honestly, two posts probably isn’t enough either)- but here is part two of just some of the incredible London drag artists.

1. Ophelia Love 

by @capturedbycorrine

You may have recently seen Ophelia performing at DragWorld with the other members of the Her Upstairs family, looking absolutely stunning both days. I first saw Ophelia when she opened for Trixie Mattel at West 5 in 2016 and I have truly been obsessed with her ever since. Not only is she an incredible lip-syncer and talented makeup artist, Ophelia is also an amazing singer – often  belting out such classics as Not My Father’s Son and Prince’s Purple Rain. (Note from the editor: I first saw Ophelia perform Satisfied and that is a number everyone should see. Absolutely never gets old).

Where?: Her Upstairs (when it reopens), venues across London, Gals Aloud performances


2. Sigi Moonlight 

sigi moonlight

Unfortunately I cannot find any performance videos from Sigi, so you’ll have to go see him yourself to see why he’s featured! A hilarious and talented drag king, Sigi was a finalist in The Glory’s Man Up! competition.

Where?: Boi Box Drag Kings Cabaret, Koc Initiative (Redon)

3. Kitty Scott Claus 

by @tashadoughty

Kitty is not only a phenomenal singer and actress, but can also deliver a killer lipsync and pulls off some incredible looks. Formerly found loitering at Her Upstairs, Kitty is now performing across London, and also prances around as Kimberly in Gals Aloud. If you don’t see Kitty do anything else, catch a performance of her singing Burn. It’s bloody incredible.

Where?Her Upstairs (when it reopens), venues across London, Gals Aloud performances



4. Crayola 


Crayola took part in season five of Her Upstairs’ “Not Another Drag Competition” and had some of my favourite performances every week. Recently, she opened for the Party Monster Ball at Klub Kids with Sasha Velour, Trinity Taylor, Vander Von Odd and Hungry, and you may also have caught her at the Klub Kids booth at DragWorld.

Where?: Klub Kids events, The Karaoke Hole, and her new show Crayola’s Madhouse- tickets available here



5. Lilly Snatchdragon 


Lilly is another queen you may have caught at DragWorld, doing meet and greets alongside her LADS sisters, Scarlett o’Hora and Lolo Brow. She is a drag and burlesque performer, and a truly incredible one at that.



6. Virgin Xtravaganza 

Virgin photographed for HisKind magazine by Haley Ballard

Have you ever wanted to find the Virgin Mary, but the drag version? Virgin’s website describes her as “London’s Holy one and only Virgin Mary drag compere and comedian. There is truly no one quite like Virgin, and her performances have to be seen to be believed.

Where?: The Glory, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, get tickets to ‘The Pure Sex Xtravaganza’ here



7. Flynn Rideher


Flynn competed in season 4 of Her Upstairs’ NADC, and has been taking the scene by storm since then. Often appearing alongside best friend and fellow competitor Glew, Flynn hosts a night at West 5 and has made many appearances at Her Upstairs – cementing himself firmly as an integral and excellent part of the family.

Where?: Flynn is currently recovering top surgery, but he can be found at ‘Friday Night’s a Drag’ at West 5, alongside Glew and Chanel no.5



8. Mark Anthony

by @ziebellaphotography

Mark is another performer you may have caught at DragWorld and, if you didn’t catch him performing, you may have seen him on the ‘Drag Beyond Gender’ panel with Jinkx Monsoon, Chiyo and Violet Chachki. The winner of the latest Not Another Drag Competition, Mark is an incredibly talented drag king who, as well as drag, does some fantastic boylesque numbers.



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