DragWorld Looks: My Personal Favourites

The DragWorld weekend finished a few days ago, and I don’t know about any of you, but I’m still living in the memories created by being surrounded by incredible LGBT+ talent. An article floated around on Monday that listed some of the best looks featured at the convention- but unfortunately, only featured Ru Girls. When we had spent so long in a room full of wonderful talent from all around the world, I and many others believed it was a mistake to not include some of the other incredible looks.

So, here is my attempt to list of my favourite looks from the weekend. Apologies to anyone who is not on this list and should be – there were so many incredible looks, I’d be here all day if I tried to showcase everyone!

1. Charity Kase

Photo by @londondragshows

I could easily include Charity’s Saturday and Sunday looks on this list, but the Sunday one truly blew me away- the photo does not even begin to do it justice. She showed me the back and front of the hat and it is honestly one of my favourite drag accessories I’ve ever seen.

2. Lolo Brow

From Bar Wotever’s Southbank Centre, photographed by Stevek Photography

The photo above isn’t from DragWorld, but the outfit is the same- and what an incredible outfit it is. I didn’t get a chance to watch Lolo’s performance but I did see it on YouTube, and I truly think she is such a fantastic and beautiful artist. (Note from the editor – I did get to see Lolo’s performance, and it blew me away. It was truly incredible, and her outfit is just divine.)

3. Herr

herr victorian
by @capturedbycorrine

This look is easily one of my favourite drag looks ever, so to see it in person made my entire weekend. There’s just something so magnificent about it, and it’s one of those looks you really have to see in person to appreciate the true depth of the look, and all the small Tudor-esque details.

4. Ellie Diamond

by @tashadoughty

This photo truly does not even begin to give justice to how beautiful and incredible this look was- every time I saw it in person I audibly gasped. A truly stunning, beautiful queen. Props to Ellie for wearing such a full gown in the ‘drag greenhouse’ too – it can’t have been comfortable at the end of the day.

5. Lawrence Chaney


Lawrence is someone I’ve been following and been obsessed with over Instagram for a year or so, and her looks truly did not disappoint. One of my main regrets from the weekend is not saying hi to her and telling her how incredible she looks, but hopefully plenty of other people did it for me!

6. Rococo Chanel

photo by @robertg_1983

This looks represent the silly but creative side of drag, and I could not love this look inspired by the laughing cow more. It is truly iconic. Be sure to check out Rococo’s Instagram if you like this look – it’s one in a range of looks where she’s taken an iconic figure and turned it into an incredible drag look.

7. Anna Phylactic

anna ph
by @unlimitedbyjk

Anna Phylactic’s looks always blow me away, but being able to see this beautiful look in person truly sealed the deal for me. An incredible performer and looks for days, I am truly obsessed with Anna after the weekend.

8. Ophelia Love


Ophelia pulled not one, but two looks on the Sunday – which truly is commitment to the drags. Her first look was this incredible red number, and honestly it blew me away the moment I saw it. She’s such a tall woman that this entire look was completely regal and majestic and just stunning. Check out her Instagram to see the pink look she wore in the afternoon – it’s also gorgeous and rhinestoned and elevated her performance of Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a Woman’.

9. Biqtch Pudding


To not include this ghoul would truly be a crime- she looked incredible both days but there was something truly magical about seeing her walk around in this outfit. The hair needs to be seen in person to be appreciated – it’s huge. Standing not only high above her head but cascading in curls down her back and to her butt, it’s a piece all in itself.

10. The Kings

drag kings
From L-R – Chiyo, Benjamin Butch, Mark Anthony, Hans Euff, Zayn Phallic

DragWorld, of course, wasn’t just about the drag queens. Drag is so much more than that, and there was some incredible UK King representation in the form of Chiyo, Benjamin Butch, Zayn Phallic, Hans Euff, and Mark Anthony. Both days they all looked incredible – but a Sunday shoutout to Chiyo’s trousers, Mark’s leather halter, Hans’ entire suit, Zayn’s gold lame trousers, and Benjamin’s jacket. If you haven’t seen any of them before, go look them up now. They will not disappoint you.

And, honorary mentions to both of Bruise’s looks, both of Cheddar Gorgeous’s looks, both of Dixie Normous’ look, Meth’s Sunday look, Freida Slaves look and Tayce and Cara Melle’s outfits that were just as beautiful as you’d expect and Jazmin Bean and Acacia Dali’s looks.

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