DragWorld is nearly upon us, and if you have kept up with their twitter and info, you’ve probably seen them posting about the various local talent (mostly London) that will be featured there. The Catwalk Stage is the stage that will be hosting the local talent- and it is definitely not to be missed. All of the performers (besides Athena Heart and Joe Black) are performing both days, so if you’re there for the weekend and don’t manage to catch them one day, try and catch them the next!f you aren’t too familiar with the performers and want to figure out who you might want to see, here is a list of all the performers, links to their Instagram’s and a little info about them, in order of their performances on the Saturday. 

The schedule:

From @DragWorldUK’s twitter

If you aren’t too familiar with the performers and want to figure out who you may want to see, here is a list of all the performers, links to their Instagram’s and a little info about them, in order of their performances on the Saturday!

1. Chiyo (10:00 on Saturday, 4:20 on Sunday)


I have spoken about Chiyo various times on this blog, so you’re probably aware of how much respect I have for them as a performer- but they are truly not one to be missed. You can also catch them on the ‘Drag Beyond Gender’ panel.

2. Cheryl Hole (10:20 Saturday, 2:00 Sunday)

by @capturedbycorrine

Cheryl is truly iconic and hilarious and if you’ve never seen her before, you’re in for a treat. Her high-energy, comedic, dance performances will definitely cheer you up if you’re feeling a little anxious about the weekend.

3. Veronica Montenegro (10:30 Saturday, 3:00 Sunday)


Veronica is a Columbian, non-binary drag artist who is weird, wacky and hilarious. Recently competing in Her Upstairs Not Another Drag Competition, I have no doubt she has something hilarious up her sleeve.

4. Lilly Snatchdragon (11:00 Saturday, 1:20 Sunday)


Lilly is both a burlesque performer and drag queen, and a brilliant one at that. She’s a South-East Asian queen and deserves to be seen by a wider audience. You can also catch Lilly on the ‘People of Colour’ panel on Saturday at 4:20.

5. Tayce (11:30AM Saturday, 2:20PM Sunday)

tayceTayce is another high-energy, dance-based performer, but she also has some incredible comedy numbers so it’ll be exciting to see what she pulls out of the bag for DragWorld. You can also catch her on the People of Colour panel.

6. Cheddar Gorgeous (12:00 Saturday, 1;00PM Sunday)

cheddarrI have never seen Cheddar perform before, but as they are an incredibly highly-conceptual artist, I am hugely excited to see what they bring to the stage, along with their incredible visuals. You can also catch Cheddar on the ‘Drag Persona’ panel on Saturday at 2:00-2:30PM

7. Herr (12:20 Saturday, 10:20 Sunday)

by @capturedbycorrine

Herr is a performer I have seen multiple times, but I’m always excited to watch her perform and DragWorld is no exception. Her ‘pieces’ are always ridiculous, completely camp, and you never quite know what you’re going to get with Herr. But you know it will have you laughing and cheering.

8. Mark Anthony (12:40 Saturday, 10:00 Sunday)

by @ziebellaphotography

Mark Anthony is not only an incredible drag king, but is in fact the winner of the most recent Not Another Drag Competition, and the first king to win! A truly incredible performer, Mark will leave you hot under the collar with sides that ache from laughing

9. Anna Phylactic (1:00PM Saturday, 11:40 Sunday)

by @johnny_nightcapture

A Manchester queen, and an incredible one at that, Anna is an amazing performer with some incredible conceptual pieces. You might have recently caught her at Sasha Velour’s Nightgowns in London. She is definitely not one to be missed, and will also be on the Drag Persona panel alongside Cheddar.

10. Crystal Lubrikunt (1:20 Saturday, 4:00 Sunday)

by @hotdog_studios

One of the biggest names in UK drag, Crystal has made herself at home on the scene and it’s easy to see why. Her performances are always high energy, with some incredible themes (from mental health to empowerment to Mother Gothel). If you’ve not seen Crystal before, be sure to catch her on the stage. You can also catch Crystal on her ‘It’s Okay not to be Okay’ Panel.

11. Zayn Phallic (1:40 Saturday, 3:20 Sunday)

zayn phallic

The creator of Kings of Colour, Zayn is one of the most established kings on the scene and a bloody great one at that. A performer that knows how to use his body, Zayn’s performances are always incredible and never to be missed.

12. Hans Euff (2PM Saturday, 10:40 Sunday)

hans euff
by @kaleido_shots

Hans Euff is a Brighton-based drag king, and although I have never seen him perform, I’m excited to see what he will bring to the DragWorld stage.

13. Ophelia Love (2:20PM Saturday, 1:40 Sunday)


The singing songbird herself, Ophelia is a very tall woman with an incredible voice. Her makeup is always impeccable, and her performances are always incredible, with her lipsync skills as good as her live vocals. Don’t miss her performances, they will definitely blow you away.

14. Joe Black (2:40PM Saturday)

joe black alright darling
by @alrightdarling_zine/@gregbailey86

One of the UK’s best cabaret artists, Joe Black is a singing sensation with a gothic twist. Most recently they’ve been touring the country with their newest show all about Disney villains, and Joe singing Dumbo’s ‘Pink Elephants On Parade’ is something I will never forget. Make sure to catch them on stage, it’s an experience you won’t regret.

15. Lydia L’Scabies (3:00PM Saturday, 4:40 Sunday)

by @jack.alfie

A Brighton queen known for her ‘scabby’ aesthetic (I’m not being rude, she often has scabies – her makeup skills are incredible), and a truly top notch performer. She’s had some interesting aesthetics and I’m so excited to see what she’ll bring to the Dragworld stage.

16. Rhys’s Pieces (3:20PM Saturday, 2:40 Sunday)

by @skinselliot

A gender bending performer of colour, Rhys is an incredible performer with some high energy numbers. I recently saw them at  Chiyo and Zayn’s cabaret  and it was truly a phenomenal performance, so they are not one to be missed. You can also catch Rhys on the ‘People of Colour’ panel.

17. Lolo Brow

lolo browA femme queen and burlesque artist, Lolo is one of the LADS as well as being one of the best artists on the scene. Always incredible, always fierce, never worth missing. Alongside seeing her perform, you can also catch her at the ‘Drag Beyond Gender’ panel. 

18. Meth (4:00PM Saturday, 3:40PM Sunday)

methMeth is hilarious, and if you haven’t seen her before, you definitely should as I guarantee she’ll make you giggle. If you have seen her before, you’re probably used to her usual numbers- but who wouldn’t want to see one of those again? You can also catch her on the ‘That’s Funny, Tell Another One’ panel on Saturday at 1:00PM.

19. Scarlett o’Hora (4:20 Saturday, 12:00 Sunday)

by Jon Ellis

Scarlett is another part of the all-female drag group LADS featured at DragWorld. Alongside seeing her perform, you can also catch her on Crystal Lubrikunt’s ‘It’s Okay not to be Okay’ panel.

20. Benjamin Butch (4:50 Saturday, 11:00 Sunday)


Benjamin Butch is a  talented drag king with some incredible performances, and I have no doubt he’ll deliver another incredible performance this weekend.






Alongside these performers, you can also catch local queens at the Klub Kids booth and other drag artists at the Her Upstairs booth. Many of them will also have prints, t-shirts and other merch, so make sure to check them out! You can also catch these performers at the Her Upstairs booth, find out when on Meth’s Instagram post.

Written by Jinx

Edited by Beth, find her blog here

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