When I created Drag Up Your Life, I knew that I wanted to create a space for all types of drag to be promoted and celebrated, The Boulet Brother’s ‘Dragula’ is something that does a fantastic job of this- giving a platform to those drag artists who use drag as an art form for their often unorthodox personalities. An example of this is today’s interview feature- the weird and wonderful Disasterina. Disasterina competed on Season 2 of Dragula, and in this interview we discuss various things, from competing on ‘Dragula’ to what she believes fans can do to support local drag.

DUYL: Let’s begin with a pretty cliche – though maybe not as simple as it seems – question: in three words, how would you describe Disasterina?

Trashy, ridiculous, bizarre.

DUYL: What are the main inspirations and influences on your drag?

John Waters and Divine are the hugest influences! Also Christeene, Christopher Guest, The Mighty Boosh, SCTV, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Carol Burnett, and many more!

DUYL: You competed on Dragula Season Two. Tell me, in a few sentences, how was that experience? Was it what you expected it to be or was it something completely different?

I loved every second of et even when they was giving

me cold feet! It was like a 2nd berthing for me, a new life, new friends, new way of doing everything, which is a BIG deal for an old lady like me! A great experience and I am totally thankful every day that this happened! The Boulet Brothers gave me such a wonderful gift!

Screenshot (4)
Disasterina on the first episode of the Boulet Brother’s Dragula

I was worried that there would be lots of drama and people in my face every second trying to cut me down and make me feel small, like a bug being stepped on! But, that dint happen at all, no one bothered with me, tho James tried a little bit! it was waaaay more nerve-wracking than I thought it would be. I had to make a large effort not to psyche myself out too much. I had been in front of da camera a lot before this and that helped but I still felt a bit timid throughout the experience.

DUYL: Do you think there should be more platforms like Dragula, that offer the opportunity for more alternative styles of drag to be showcased?

Yes! And they are starting to pop up out of the ether. Check out Cut Throat Drag, that is a good example.

Disasterina photographed for Omni Talent

DUYL: What advice would you give to younger people who want to get involved with drag and support local queens, but are not old enough to go to bars/events?

Organise events for queens that don’t have an age requirement. All professional drag queens would do more all ages events if they existed, and if it was worth et! Get some all ages meet n’ greets together, get a fun party going!

DUYL: What advice do you have for anyone who thinks their drag is too ‘weird’, or too out of the box/alternate?

Stop thinking about what other people think too much! Do what the muses say to do when they whisper in yo ear! Cancel the noise out by mediation, Listen to the inner voice of intuition when it speak to you, follow yo instinct, be an artist, fuck the haters, you got one life so go live et before global warming kills us all! Not a lot of time left, get going!

Disasterina before hosting one of her Twitch live sessions

Finally, what would you like to see next for Disasterina?

TV show! Working on a couple pilots that I will try to crowd source to get them funded! I love to be in front of da camera, I love to write comedy, that is what started me in drag in the first place!

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