Continuing on from my local drag posts, this one is dedicated to the wonderful city of Manchester, which has a vast amount of incredible drag that can be found within the Manchester Gay Village. This article was written with help from Daisy, who you can follow on Twitter here.

1. Cheddar Gorgeous

cheddarCheddar Gorgeous can be described as a unicorn and idealist, and has an incredibly artistic drag style. Cheddar is constantly serving phenomenal looks and is definitely one to follow.



2. Anna Phylactic

cruz anna
Anna photographed performing at Cruz 101

Anna Phylactic is an incredible drag performer and artist with a ‘shock in a frock’ style. She is often described as a fierce party socialite and can be found hosting Club Aftershock at Sub 101 in Manchester’s Gay Village.



3. Liquorice Black

Liquorce photographed by @johnny_nightcapture

Liquorice is part of the Family Gorgeous, alongside Anna and Cheddar. She describes herself as the ‘black-and-white sheep’ of the family,  performing exclusively in monochrome. You may recognise her from the Toyota advertisement that’s been floating around the internet, also featuring Stella Meltdown, Le Fil, and Alfie Ordinary.



4.  Saki Yew

saki yew
Saki Yew, performing at Kiki

Saki Yew is an Australian drag queen residing in Manchester, and has appeared at various events like ‘Fugly‘, which is hosted at Sub 101. She has also performed at The New Union: Sunday Buffet, and Kiki,  and is a stunning queen and performer.


5. Heroin Amor


Heroin Amor is a gorgeous queen who you’ll often catch combining iconic chick flicks and pop anthems for her killer lip sync performances. She recently supported Adore Delano in Manchester during the Timehop tour, and you may occasionally find her hosting events such as Crucifixion at Kiki or Void.



6. Val

Val photographed at Kiki for their “Under the Sea” night

Val is a Muslim drag queen and describes herself as ‘Manchester’s Premiere Brown Queen’ and performs at Kiki and its downstairs club Void. Val is a queen who is aiming to break down the barriers and bring important issues to the forefront that are often ignored as a Muslim queen.




7. Blo-ND

Tilly, Yassica and Claire/Candy performing at Cruz 101

Blo-ND are a trash pop drag collective made up of Tilly Skreams, her drag daughter Yassica Skreams and Claire JustClaire (Candy Acid). They are each incredible lip sync performers and can mainly be found at Cruz 101, where they had their official group debut in June, along with occasional appearances at Pop Curious.

Tilly, Yassica & Claire Instagrams

8. Ginger Hunter

gingerGinger Hunter can be described as a joke telling, rubix cube solving, rapping drag queen. She can be found within Manchester’s Gay Village multiple days a week, and has weekly appearances at Bloom, Centre Stage,  and Sunday’s New Union show. You may have seen her supporting recent Holy Trannity tours with Sharon Needles and Adore Delano at Holy Trannity events. 



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