Next on our list of sharing the wonderful drag talent within the UK is the city of Canterbury! Written with help from Nyx, who is a regular attendee at Glitterbomb so knows these queens much better than myself!

Luna Lestrange 

LunaLuna describes herself as “gothy, alien trash” and often does fantasy or horror themed performances.  She primarily works at Glitterbomb Canterbury, but has made appearances at Her Upstairs, London and The Village Inn, Birmingham. Luna also has a YouTube channel, where she uploads makeup tutorials and vlogs.

Where: Glitterbomb Canterbury


Instagram                   Twitter                                        YouTube

Victoria Carriage 

VictoriaVictoria, alternatively known as Miss Carriage (get it?), is a regular performer at Glitterbomb Canterbury and Sundowners, Margate; she has also been a guest queen at The Village Inn, Birmingham, with Luna Lestrange. The pair are best friends and sometimes perform together.

Where?: Glitterbomb Canterbury, Sundowners (Margate)



  Instagram                                       Twitter

Lana Evoli 

lana 10Lana is the self-proclaimed “Diva of Canterbury”. Along with performing regularly at Glitterbomb Canterbury, she has given talks in schools about LGBTQ+ pride and diversity.

Where?: Glitterbomb Canterbury


Instagram                                                                                         Twitter

Amanda Bang 

amanda 6Amanda has an unhealthy obsession with chicken nuggets, which sometimes makes its way into her performances. She often performs at Glitterbomb Canterbury, but she has also worked at several other clubs in Kent, London and Essex.

Where?: Glitterbomb Canterbury


Instagram                                                                                         Twitter

Lavinia Cox 

lavinia 2

Lavinia is Glitterbomb Canterbury’s newest queen, but she’s not a stranger to drag. Calling herself the “council estate queen”, she has performed across Kent in multiple venues.

Where?: Glitterbomb Canterbury


Instagram                                                                                   Twitter

Delilah Tickles 

delilah 9Delilah is frequently the host at Glitterbomb Canterbury, but she also shines in her performances, which are often based around broadway musicals or 80s power ballads. She also performs at Sundowners, Margate.

Where?: Glitterbomb, Sundowners



Remember, if you want to make a post about your local drag scene contact us here, or via our  Instagram or Twitter pages. Especially if you’re a local queen who wants to get involved!

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