Local Drag: Birmingham

Here is the second of my local drag posts with some wonderful talent from Birmingham! Special shoutout to Fern (follow them!) for helping me out with this and helping me find some new performers myself.

✩ Drag Punk ✩ 

From Left-to-Right: Amber Cadaverous, Lilith, Paul Aleksandr, Tacky

Drag Punk are an alternative drag collective made up of Amber Cadaverous, Lilith, Paul Aleksandr and Tacky. The group host events at the Nightingale such as emo night “I’m Not Okay”, which is now a monthly event, and just finished supporting adore on her UK tour, so the chances are that you’ve heard of them!

Where to find them: Nightingales, check out “I’m Not Okay” on the 13th!


Group number

Amber Cadaverous


Tacky Alex

Paul Aleksandr


Group instagram




Tacky Alex

✩ Opulence Birmingham ✩

Opulence are a hugely talented drag collective who mainly can be found at Glamorous. They had their debut Mothers Meeting event at Bar Jester in April with guest performer Charity Kase, and the next one is at the end of July with Virgin Extravaganzah, Twiggy & Mickey Taylor supporting. Find tickets here! 

✩ Yshee Black ✩


Yshee is an entertainer who I have only seen at Her Upstair’s Not Another Drag Competition, but she is truly hilarious and a true lipsync artist. She also hosts the weekly Church of Yshee night every Sunday.

Where to find her: Glamourous, The Village Inn


Follow Yshee on Instagram!

✩ Jenna Davinci ✩


Where to find her: Glamorous


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✩ Nora Virus ✩nora

Where to find her: Glamarous, Village Inn


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✩ Dahlia Rivers ✩


Where to find her: Glamorous


View this post on Instagram

Ladies and gentlemen… @dahliahrivers ❤️

A post shared by Mother’s Meeting (@mothers_meetingbham) on

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✩ Elliott Barnicle ✩


Where?: Glamourous, Sidewalk


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✩ Jay Andre ✩

jay andre

Where?: Glamorous


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More Birmingham drag

✩ Lacey Lou ✩


Lacey runs the fabulous Glittershit (the last one has just passed, but make sure you keep updated on when the next one is!) and is a super talented femme queen who supplies look after look. 

Where?: Nightingale 


Follow Lacey on Instagram!

✩ Eva Lution✩


Super talented and creative, Eva is definitely one to follow to see what incredible new looks she comes up with.

Where?: Birmingham Gay Village


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✩ Ezra Skag ✩


Fern’s drag mama,  Church of Yshee finalist, hosted at the nightingale, lives part time in Birmingham, part time in London.

Where?: Nightingale


Follow Ezra on Instagram!

✩ China ✩


China may no longer live in Birmingham, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still claimed by everyone there! China is basically a real-life drag witch, and has some incredible looks.


Follow China on Instagram!

Written by: Jinx, with help from Han

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