Local Drag: Some of my favourite London drag artists

London Drag

If you know anything about me you know that I adore London drag with every fibre of my being. I’m always looking for ways to share that with people, and I’m aware that some people may not be aware of how much drag-wise is really going on in London, so I thought I’d put together a post with some of my favourite drag artists.

However, as London is kind of huge, I realised it’s impossible to limit this to just one post, so I’ll probably be posting another sometime within the next few weeks.

I want to start a series of posts on here promoting the various local drag scenes not only around the UK, but everywhere, and I figured there’s nowhere better to start with than London. If you want to get involved and write a post about your local drag scene (you don’t have to be a writer, promise), or you want to be featured, please contact me! You can also always reach me on my Instagram.


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Tayce is easily one of my favourite performers to watch- she kills every single one and looks incredible whilst doing it. She definitely has some of my favourite looks out of any of the London queens.

Location: London

Where to see her: Her Upstairs, G-A-Y


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Cheryl Hole ✰

Cheryl Hole
By @capturedbycorrine

Cheryl is hilarious, incredibly talented and just an all-around brilliant entertainer. She’s often supporting Ru Girls at Glitterbomb shows, such as in Canterbury, High Wycome and Cambridge.

Where to see her: Her Upstairs, Glitterbomb, CTZN in Chelmsford


Follow Cheryl on Instagram and Twitter


by @capturedbycorrine/@hotdog_studios

Herr is another resident performer at Her Upstairs (you may be beginning to realise I’m a little biased), but she is truly such an incredible performer and her performances never fail to make me laugh.

Where: Her Upstairs, she’s also at Popcorn Heaven this Monday!


Follow Herr on Instagram and Twitter!

✰ Kate Butch ✰

by @londondragshows

Kate is a queen I saw for the first time at the Klub Kids comedy show with Sasha Velour and I instantly found her charming, hilarious and entertaining. I then got to watch her make it to the top 2 of Her Upstairs’s Not Another Drag Competition, which was incredibly well-deserved.

Where: Her Upstairs, although I believe Kate is currently taking a break after NADC, but make sure to check out her Instagram to see when she’s back!


Follow Kate on Instagram and Twitter

✰ Chiyo Gomes chiyo

Chiyo is truly a one-of-a-kind performer. A transgender Afrolatinx drag king, Chiyo’s performances centre around race and social issues. I truly believe Chiyo is the kind of performer the drag scene almost does not deserve, but definitely needs.

Where: Redon at the KOC Initiative,  Her Upstairs for Pride.


(Above is probably my favourite performance I have ever seen from a drag act 
due to the amount of raw honesty within it, TW for mental health and suicide 
mentions however)

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✰ Cara Melle 

cara melle

Cara Melle is a performer I definitely need to see more of (besides that time she did Moana and exposed her bare titty but, you know) and am looking forward to seeing more. I do, however, regularly stalk her Instagram because…look at her.

Where: Her Upstairs, G-A-Y, The Exhibit (Balham), Bombshell at Them Downstairs


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✰ Zayn Phallic 

photo by @jack.alfie

Zayn is the force behind the incredible KOC Initiative that I mentioned earlier and for that deserves so much credit. He is an incredible performer and definitely one to watch.

Where: Redon, Bar Wotever, and the Drag Idol finale at Two Brewers!


Follow Zayn on Instagram

✰ Margo Marshall 

Margo Marhsall
by @hugo.s.santos

Margo is honestly such a phenomenal performer and always so fascinating to watch. She’s an incredible dancer and deserves more credit and is definitely one to see if you get the opportunity.

Where: Her Upstairs, The Glory


Follow Margo on Instagram

To catch up on the events of all these incredible performers, just make sure to check their Instagram’s! Here are a few Facebook pages also of some of my favourites/most popular bars and clubs in London which you can also check out:

Her Upstairs

Them Downstairs

Bar Wotever

The Glory

Two Brewers



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