Drag on a dime (or a pound…because British)

It is no secret that drag is often expensive and time-consuming. The truth is that most LGBT people do not have the money to fund it, and therefore, feel lesser than.

I’m a university student, so it’s no secret that I don’t have much money. I also have only just bought a sewing machine and have very little clue how to use it, so I often try to get everything as cheaply as possible, but you often have to be willing to get a little creative- but sometimes just a glue gun can go a long, long way.

Let’s begin with the easy one…cheap, but good, makeup!

Makeup Revolution

Primarily, their eyeshadow palettes, concealer and highlighters. Great pigment, variety of colours and most of their stuff lasts for a long time.

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer - C0.5  - Click to view a larger imageru


Eyeshadow Palettes


Sleek Makeup also have a variety of eyeshadow palettes and highlighters that are highly pigmented.  I have always found lipsticks a little more difficult personally, NYX have always served me well but I appreciate they are not all that cheap to some people- especially as a lot of their lipsticks do not last all that long (for me, anyways). MUA have plenty of affordable makeup also, their liquid eyeliner is only about £1 and honestly one of the best I’ve used.

Ok, here’s the more interesting stuff- let’s start with wigs!


Amazon, like most cheap places, is very hit and miss. So here’s a few of my favourite stockers wig-wise (UK, obviously).




However, obviously make sure to always read the reviews for these, and always cheap checking- stuff always comes in and out of availability on Amazon, especially wigs.


Miss Wig UK

Curly Wigs

You can always find cheap wigs on eBay, if you’re lucky you may find some on the auction part and be able to get one for less than £10. You may have to style them a bit, so you’re best to buy a steamer and a polystyrene head, but these are things you can use more than once, so just figure out if it’s worth it.

There’s also WIF where I’ve bought plenty of my wigs, and you can always look in wig shops near you if you have any- they can be in the most random of places.


Listen, charity shops/thrift stores/whatever you call them are the BEST things for cheap clothes, accessories and whatever else for drag. If you do not have any good ones near you, try and find some- the best are usually always in small towns.

And if you honestly do not have any good charity shops near you, look at Nasty Gal and Pretty Little Thing and Miss Pap. A lot of their stuff is kind of basic, yes, but sometimes you can find some gems- also, if you’re a student, just look at what places have deals on Unidays and see what they have!

Shops like Wilko, The Range and Hobbycraft are also always great if you want to get creative- simply adding rhinestones to something can make it look so much better. My girlfriend also uses this glue from the Range from her eyebrows, if you want a replacement for the Elmers one which can be a pain to order if you aren’t American.

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