Luna Valentine: Interview


How do you identify? What are your pronouns?

I identify as genderqueer and my pronouns are she/they.

What are your own personal experiences within the drag community?

I’ve mostly had lovely experiences!! Most of the people I’ve met have been very kind and supportive. there will always be people who don’t support your work so I just don’t pay much attention to them, why spend time trying to convince people that you’re valid when you can spend that time appreciating the people who already think you are?

What experiences have you had as an AFAB queen? Do you feel as if you are treated differently to your male counterparts?

I definitely think AFAB drag performers are treated differently than male drag performers, I’ve had people message me that they think my drag is offensive to cis gay men because they “invented” drag which is just not true. Some people also think that there’s no transformation when AFAB queens do drag which is also false, just because I don’t have a dick to put up my ass doesn’t mean there isn’t a transformation.

How has drag impacted your life? Why do you do it?

The impact drag has had on my life is massive, I’m much more confident now and I’ve learned to think more creatively and out of the box. The drag community has also educated me on a lot of topics and I’m very thankful for that. I do drag because I think it’s really empowering. When I’m in drag I’m in charge of my own femininity and no one can tell me shit, not how to dress, not how to look and not how to behave. To me, drag is a parody of the social constructs we have created for what a woman should look like and breaking those rules.

What do you hope to gain from drag? What are your main aspirations?

 I really hope that I can have some sort of a positive impact on this community, I want to open people’s minds up and show them that AFAB drag performers are just as valid and worthy as any other drag performer.



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