That Queen Ivy: Interview

ivy photo

How do you identify?

I identify as a female and mainly my pronouns are she/her, but I don’t mind they/them, at the end of the day in my eyes gender is just a construct!

What are your own personal experiences within the drag community?

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences within the drag community! I’ve made life long friends through this who I love and respect and support through anything and I know they would do the same for me! Local shows are where you will find the most hardworking performers who will put on one hell of a good show, myself included, even though I know I’m still learning and improving every time I get on stage.

Do you feel as if you are treated differently to your male counterparts?

I’ve never been treated differently from queens who are male under all the make up etc., in fact they are probably more protective of me as a female aligned queen! I think the ones who have seemed to treat me differently is audience members who don’t know much about the drag community or its their first show etc. Just recently I was at a venue and stood outside with another queen and someone asked me if I was a faux queen and before I even had a chance to answer the queen jumped in and said ‘no she’s a queen just like the rest of us’.

How has drag impacted your life? Why do you do it?

Drag has massively impacted my life. A year ago if you had told me that I would be doing all of this I would have just laughed. I’m a completely different person now, I’m much more confident and happier that I get to express myself in a way I never thought I could. I always say drag has changed my life completely and as cheesy as it sounds, it has!

What do you hope to gain from drag? What are your aspirations or goals?

I’d love to keep on performing, improving my skills! I would literally take any stage that will have me and who knows maybe one day I’ll be able to have a residency somewhere.. that would be cool but I know I have a way to go so I’ll just keep working hard!


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