Is Social Media really all that important?

It’s not news that getting the praise and attention that drag artists are often deserved is a challenge. With Instagram’s algorithm, it means that often in order to support your favourite queens or makeup artists, you have to turn on their notifications or stalk their page. Just because you follow someone, this does not mean you will often see their posts- depending on how many people you follow, you may have to scroll for hours to support every queen you follow.

Once someone has achieved popularity or given credibility, we often see their looks constantly praised and uplifted. Those who do not have this kind of following are rarely given the same kind of love and, although it is clear that popularity does not equal talent, this does not mean it is not disheartening. I see so many people who put hours into their looks only to receive minimal praise whereas others may not put the same amount of effort into their looks but get double the amount of praise.

So what am I trying to suggest here? That we should ignore those who are more popular, in favour of uplifting those who aren’t? No, of course not- that would just present the exact same issue, just with different people. What I am suggesting, however, is that simply leaving a nice comment on someone’s Instagram saying you like their makeup, their hair, etc. can make their day. It’s okay to only be aware of the most popular drag artists, but there is so much amazing, incredible drag out there and it would be a shame if you were to miss it because you never looked further than your twitter mutuals.

Getting praise, love and attention for drag looks is way more difficult than it should be. Oftentimes, we will try to pretend that we are happy with just being happy within ourselves and what we have created, but when we are happy with something, it’s okay to want to share that and want it to receive the praise that we feel as if it deserves. Search for new talent and uplift your mutuals, sure, but search for new people to fall in love with too. The thing that is so beautiful about drag is that it’s diverse and not limited and it’s sad that that is being shadowed by our community.

And now, to put my money where my mouth is, here’s the IGs of some of my favourite underappreciated drag artists/MUEs:








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