Violet Chachki’s Show 30/12/16

I’m writing this on the train back home because I have way too many emotions and I’m struggling with how to put them in to a simple 144 character tweet.

I love Violet Chachki. I love drag. All forms of it. Queens, kings, bio-queens- all of them. Through drag, I found a place to be accepted, where my weird traits were not only welcomed, but encouraged. I’ve had a variety of obsessions over my eighteen years of life, but drag is the one that has stuck by me because not only is it an art form, but it’s a community.

Before I discovered drag, I had barely any confidence. I never wore makeup and struggled with accepting my feminine side because I hated being view as ‘weak’ or ‘insecure’.

That’s why discovering Drag Race and, thus, the drag scene, meant so much to me. Here you had these men, women and nonbinary individuals who embodied femininity, who saw it as beautiful and something that made you strong rather than something that made you weak. I learnt to love myself because of that.

I began to embrace my femininity and I’ve never been happier, although I had many questions about my gender. I didn’t know who or what I was; I just knew that being called a ‘girl’ made me uncomfortable. But I learnt that that didn’t mean I had to abandon my feminine side just because I’d adopted a new label through drag and, mostly, Violet Chachki.

Violet was someone who was young and underestimated by almost everyone on drag race, but yet still went on to win the whole thing and truly take the world by storm through er fashion and performance. Violet is someone who has helped so many people just by being vocal about their identity as a genderfluid individual and, for that, I cannot thank them enough.

Violet is an incredible performer and one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Despite being rushed during the meet and greet, she still tried to spend as much time with everyone as possible and she made me feel so comfortable which is always so important to me when I meet someone new.

I am so inspired by her and everything she does. And to have one of my biggest inspirations call me gorgeous and be so complimentary (she complimented me more than I complimented her what the heck) means the world to me. I can’t even put into words how amazing, incredible and beautiful she is- you’ll just have to see it for yourself one day.

Drag has become such a huge part of my life. I’ve learnt to love not only Ru Girls, but so many local queens and queens from across the world that have so many different talents and performance styles. I’ve been to so many drag shows this year and, I hope, with all my heart that next year I go to so many more. There’s just something I feel at a drag show that I’ve found is difficult to replicate anywhere else. I hope that maybe one day, taking inspiration from people like Violet, I can perform on stage one day in drag.

I’ve discovered so many amazing people through drag and I hope, in 2017, I meet so many more. I wouldn’t be who I am without it.


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