I woke up today and sobbed.

Sobbed for a country that, despite claiming to be the ‘land of the free’, has let hate win.

Sobbed for a country that let the most qualified woman lose to an unqualified man who wants nothing more than to spread hate and fear.

Sobbed for a country that has let down women, people of colour, LGBT people and the youth who could not have voted and would have, without a doubt, never let this happen.

People are afraid.

People are afraid of their President.

In what world is that okay?

It’s one thing to be against Hillary won. It’s another thing to look at the Muslims around you, the people of colour around you, the LGBT+ people around you and find joy in their suffering. Dismissing their legitimate fears as ‘liberal tears’ just proves how these people truly want to live in a world without us. They want a country where their bigoted, prejudiced views can dominate without protest. A country in which minorities feel defeated and lost.

We cannot give them that.

We will never give them that.

There’s still so much work to do. But it’s okay if, right now, you’re hurting.

It’s okay if you’re tired of fighting back.

People of colour, LGBT people and women have fought tirelessly for their rights for years. We were finally making an improvement. We were moving forward. But it’s one step forward and far too many steps back.

Hate has won this time. But we cannot let it win again. Do not make it easy for them. Take your time to heal, take the best precautions for your safety, but if you ever feel ready, please join the fight. Giving in is what they want.

Donate to charities, let your friends know you love them, stand up (if it is safe) when you see a racist act being committed. As white people, we have to stand up. Stop acting like white privilege isn’t a thing and reverse racism is. Grow up. These are real issues.

If you know there is something you can do to help, do it. I currently feel so helpless. Seeing the anger and upset on my timeline is so disheartening. It’s so easy to just give up. It’s so easy to let fear and hate win. But I will never stop fighting because we are never finished. I truly find it hard to believe the fight will ever end for minorities and women because there will always be people that may not openly hate us, but will see us as insignificant. We are not insignificant. If there any groups that can get shit done, it’s us. Trump may have won, but love will always trump hate.


I love you all.


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